“Let’s do lunch”, he says. “We’ll chat and get to know each other”. So how did I end up on a hard, red, commercial carpet, on my knees, a fistful of my hair in his hand, and cum on my face?

 Lunch was fantastic. A continuance of the late night messages. Knowingly sharing secret smiles/jokes. When he said “wider” with the smile, I knew things had changed. My need to obey took control and I opened to him. 

My breath caught in my throat, my heart stopped beating, the noise around us subsided. We entered out bubble with ease.

The bubble was created just for us. I knew when it existed and when it stopped. I knew when we entered the confined space what was expected. 

I knew that the space was devoid of other human life. Entering meant alone-time. Walking into the bubble suggested that time stood still, froze for us to enjoy each stolen second. 

His hand touched my knee and the air became humid.

We all yearn to create a time capsule where we can place moments to relive. A time that seemed precious. This was my time-capsule moment…………..to be continued