Thick girl truths

After having read the title I know what you’re thinking; This subject should probably be placed or published later in the year, not at this time when the majority of women are working out for the carnival season. Not at this time when people are looking to get slimmer for the seasonal activities. Honestly guys, being a thick girl is extremely hard. Walking around with lumps and touching thighs will never be a choice or something for others to aspire to.

Who gets up and says, “My goal today is to add a few pounds and be lumpy”? No one looks forward to facing the scale and seeing, ‘YOU… ARE… OVERWEIGHT!’, and go “Yes!!” Society does not help in any way. Magazine covers still exhibit the sexy slim woman or the buff guy with a 6 pack.

I was a part of a group/page/following/life-style that celebrated the woman with curves. They focused on sharing uplifting sentiments to real women, those who are actually working behind a desk, or on the roads, who are not all slim and without cellulite. They were not without flabby under-skin, or thighs that proffer a “peep-through hole” even when closed.

There was this one time that I felt very uncomfortable and I smiled and joked about it, but I sat in silence for the rest of the trip home. My uncle, who works in the cosmetic industry in the USA, was explaining to myself, brother and a young lady, the most sought out surgery he has experienced. He asked the younger and very slimmer lady who accompanied us on our outing, to stand with her feet together. He then continued that the little hole in the centre is what many women would love to get done via surgery. It did not affect my emotions until he asked me to stand and my brother said, “You will never get that hole” and proceeded to laugh.

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4 thoughts on “Thick girl truths

  1. Great post and a wonderful message! It is the light we radiate that ultimately draws people to us and keeps them with us for the long run. Anyway, that hole is way overrated…there are much better holes. 😉


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