A free excerpt 

Here she was, blindfolded, kneeling in the middle of the room. She felt strong, firm hands on her shoulders and heard her master’s voice from a short distance away saying to her, “Remember our safe word Angel. Use it when you need”.

She nodded in understanding and awaited instructions. For some reason her master was the one giving them while someone else ‘handled’ her.

” Stand “, she heard him say and she obeyed.

” Spread your legs”, and she obliged yet the firm hand never hurt her in anyway.  

She was not always subjected to spankings but the stranger opted to using his hand on her buttocks.

Angel knew her master’s touch. She knew how her body responded to what he offered. This stranger incited a different feeling. The first lash brought flesh upon flesh, but she felt him soothe her for a brief moment. With every stroke he lingered on her ass. Calming her, soothing her, comforting her. She felt it from the first minute. Her body wriggled. Not to be freed, in blatant abandon. She was scared to show too much emotion, hoping her master wasn’ too aware. But she knew. She knew he kept a watchful eye. She knew he saw how her body twisted. She knew, yet she secretly hoped he was not aware of what the stranger was doing.

Angel wanted to take her hands and place them between her leg. She needed a release so imminently. The stranger knew, which meant her master also knew, but she could not solace herself. Her master asked, “Are you ready Angel?”

“Yes master”.

She felt the nod of approval more than saw. The stranger’s hand caressed her body, giving new meaning to the word. She was lost and knew it. She never wanted another hand on her from today and that was an impossiblity.


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