Bringing reading awareness one word at a time

Hi, my name is Angel Harrt. I am a writer, poet, mother and lover of pineapple. I have started a journey to bring awareness to reading, one word at a time.

By posting a letter each week and a word that starts with the letter, i hope to open the eyes of others to start reading more and thereby bringing a better respect for reading and the english language.

So far i have been going in chronological order of the alphabet. My current letter to date is the letter “I”. I for Iridescent  – showing luminous colours that seem to change when seen from different angles.

I have been using the #makeuAs on facebook and on instagram in hopes of building an awareness train. It would be fantastic if you join in the fun. Just post a pic with the letter on any part of your body, your word for the week, and use the hashtag given.

I am excited to see if others will join this simple plight. It may seem small but it can make a difference. Get the children involved as they learn new words each week. They may even incoporate in their daily speech. 

Thanks for taking tine to read and i do hope some if not all of you who read this will join this #challenge. 

Be aware. Be word aware. 


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