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Everyday i think about ways to get my ideas, found in my head, an outlet. What do i do? Where can i put my info for the world to see?

While others can jus sit back and enjoy the fruits of their own labours, some if us have to do more to secure a space in this world. I am one who can safely say, that i need to ‘hit pavements’ in order to get my point across. I cant just sit and watch others do my dirty work.

Do i believe in my words? Yes, yes i do but that isnt enough really. More is needed. I dont want to dwell on my ‘handicap’ which isnt physical, i want to focus on my content and what i have out there. I want people to read my words and be taken into another world. I want others to view what i have placed for their reading pleasure as worthy, and it wont hurt to actually say it also. A total plus!!

So today i am letting you know that my youtube channel is up and running. Its available for your viewing pleasure. It is awaiting your likes/shares and thumbs up/down. Even a comment or five would b welcomed, but you need to subscribe.

Its a little different to what you may have seen out there. I wanted the focus on words and not on a face, a presence, a personality. I am also hoping that others can join in and be a part. Its all for you/us to build ourselves in many ways. 

So sit back, relax, enjoy the music, as your eyes are fed with words created by me for you.

Stay social. Keep liking.


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