I am already a fat girl in a world where slim chicks rule and now i have to battle being alone. 

Being told, to my face, that “you will always be the plus in the +one” was a tongue stiller. I couldn’t find a quick come-back retort. So i did what any other ‘fat girl’ would’ve done and smiled, nodded and walked away. It was only in the ‘walking’ did the remark touch my ‘feeling string’ and i sniffed myself to a taxi. Conpletely forgetting what i had initially left the house for. 

Being alone was not an issue, wasn’t even a thought until the #hater said those words to me. I was blissfully accepting that prince charming didnt make an entrance yet as i had more ‘#bodylove’ to accept. More to understand. More to receive so i can give freely and without bias. Then this happened. 

Words echoed are not easily taken back. I had to reaffirm myself and years that i took to build my esteem and my confidence started from ground zero once again. 

Why would ‘you’ think that it is half funny to project your insecurities on me? You already have the built of a super model and child

Why the need to remind me of my whale life that clearly still affects your sexy? Maybe next time you should rethink your words and instead of spew hate and despise, show love, care and support. Build instead of break. Give instead of take. Its harder to put a frown, so much easier to make a smile. Encourage and not discourage. 

So for the girl who figured i needed to be reminded of my single life, thank you. Now i can remind myself that i am and will always be beautiful both inside and out. I think for a moment i sort a got cocky and forgot that i am unique and uncloneable. 

Reaffirm your sexy. 

Stay beautiful. 


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