Take it back

Women always get called names when it comes to love and sexuality. They are labeled the worst. However, who stated that a ‘hoe’ is a derogatory term? Who said that a ‘gold digger’ means that it’s a bad thing?

Wanting more in a relationship especially financial, means you are looking to dig for gold in another person’s yard? Ahm, where do you want me to dig? In my own? Have you ever heard people looking in their own space for gold or diamonds and being successful? There are the few that have struck gold or rubies in their own space. Made a name for themselves without any help from others and with tools and space given to them, but you must get out your comfort zone and stretch across others just to grasp your own. Just my humble opinion.

Be serious. You know that meeting the absolute right one won’t fall into your lap like a perfect gift. Women multi dating isn’t acceptable but a man multi dating is him either sowing his oats or searching. Yes, women outnumber men today, yes, more women are out there, I believe it is only fair that women search even harder for the right one. If sex is involved then that is ‘big people business’. Doesn’t mean she should walk around with ‘A Scarlet A’ on her chest, and a drum boy to declare her presence. (See the Lady with the Scarlet Letter – both movie and a book).

I won’t be dramatical (and I could be), I am just saying that we can start owning those words and not make them become a bitter taste in our mouth. Okay, I do not expect anyone to wake up tomorrow and be accepting such hate to be spewed and be happy but gradually I think we can. Turn the hoe around. Take your gold digging life style and be profitable, then maybe show others the ‘how to’. Start from today not to accept those words that are considered hateful and make them powerful.

I am just saying.

Stay beautiful and strong women.


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