Joined an insta #dailywordprompt for the month of November and loving it. While I may not have the urge to finish my personal writing projects, when given a prompt it sesms my juices go on overdrive. 

So far it’s a sensual ride. One that, even though I started late, I am enjoying. It’s hard having to create spontaneously, it’s even harder when you have to incorporate words given by a total stranger. I sincerely hope that in writing these there is some kind of notoriety that comes with it, and it helps my despair.

My humble thanks to those who started this #novembernoir prompting on instagram. I totally am enjoying myself so far. For those who are insta followers, find me @angel_the_author for more. Here is one entry for the #naughtynovembernoir. I do hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to say ‘hi’ in the comments.

Is this an illusion my eyes hath seen

A figment of an imagination  uncontrollable?

Is that skin, lips doth graze and lick and pay homage to?

I seeth not flesh upon flesh.

I seeth not skin touching skin.

I seeth not hands that once grasped my buttocks as my neck arched to embrace a girth so strong.

My eyes doth behold a dangerous liaison between someone who once was mine.

His treachery is seen with every whisper as he secretly keeps his adulterous affair to himself.

But his hands confirmed he touched another when it lingered on my curves.
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Today I will be venturing to my nearest town area with ideas of selling jewelry I created. All original pieces. All done by hand. I am excited and a bit scared. One day fashion calls for big clunky pieces, next day it ask for small elegant ones. People have different taste in colours and style. All I will be asking is that they see it and feel the urge to check it out.

These were all done in a space of three days. Yes, three days. With seed beads I had awaiting other bigger, beads. I figured I had those laying around so why not put them to use. They are a bit simple but trust me it took a few mins to get them together.

I just wanted you to know this. I am an author/writer and a jewelry artiste. I love writing. I have projects finished, just sitting watching me from a distance, in my google drive. Calling me with the crook if their fingers, and stirring a pot of procrastination, mixing in fear every hour. 

Today I am on the road to creating an income for myself. I pray that as I go out it will be a success and then I can focus a tad more on my new project, (like I dont have enough finished projects to deal with). So guys, your dream may be within your reach but we can do a lil side tracking every now and then. Definitely nit procrastinate, and be fearful, but take a few minutes to digest and go forward. Be positive we can do it.
Stay focused.