Today I will be venturing to my nearest town area with ideas of selling jewelry I created. All original pieces. All done by hand. I am excited and a bit scared. One day fashion calls for big clunky pieces, next day it ask for small elegant ones. People have different taste in colours and style. All I will be asking is that they see it and feel the urge to check it out.

These were all done in a space of three days. Yes, three days. With seed beads I had awaiting other bigger, beads. I figured I had those laying around so why not put them to use. They are a bit simple but trust me it took a few mins to get them together.

I just wanted you to know this. I am an author/writer and a jewelry artiste. I love writing. I have projects finished, just sitting watching me from a distance, in my google drive. Calling me with the crook if their fingers, and stirring a pot of procrastination, mixing in fear every hour. 

Today I am on the road to creating an income for myself. I pray that as I go out it will be a success and then I can focus a tad more on my new project, (like I dont have enough finished projects to deal with). So guys, your dream may be within your reach but we can do a lil side tracking every now and then. Definitely nit procrastinate, and be fearful, but take a few minutes to digest and go forward. Be positive we can do it.
Stay focused.


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