Naked series


We all change with the times. Some of us evolve yearly, others through phases of life. Our opinions also are revamped and reevaluated over those pertinent crossroads. I would like to make a few entries on my personal space to explain my ideology behind the ‘baring of my soul’. Welcome to the ‘Naked Series’.

NB. If you are not open to differences in life, to acceptance of self, to gain knowledge, then please do not venture futher. For those who are interested in knowing more, please continue reading.

I was always considered ‘a different child’. My personal quest for knowledge had me reading dictionaries and encyclopedias from a young age. I wanted to learn more, read more, understand everything. This drive allowed ideologies and teachings that were shown to me, to be viewed through different lens.

As such, my personal thoughts on pornography were what some would consider ‘askewed’. While some of us have been programed to view naked pictures on social media as pornographic, there are those who consider the naked body as a normal part of life. Its not viewed as a sex symbol, but nature. A humanistic creation to be celebrated and not just satisfied. Nakedness isnt being without clothes but being open to embrace what the world has to offer. What the world has distorted. It’s refreshing.
I say all of this to explain my journey of ‘baring myself’. I can see the excitement, the thrill and the anxiety. My personal viewing I seemed natural with it. Like this was something I usually do. It wasn’t. It was my absolute first time being without clothes in front of someone you are not being intimate with. Baring clothes is considered normal when you are to be intimate with a partner. Taking your clothes off to be photographed is not the same. This experience does give a different giddy emotion that could be synced with alcohol.
To me it’s empowering. It’s invigorating. It’s anxious at first, then a freedom of knowing nothing stands between you and the lens becomes your focal point. To me, it emotes a soothing effect on thoughts, and ideas. You can now embrace uniqueness, and appreciate those who are considered ‘abnormal’.

Here is my personal requirements for such a photo session:

Fundamental. Key. The epitome of a full body naked photo shoot. Find someone you are comfortable with. Find someone trust worthy. Someone who respects your body and his/hers. Someone who does not view you as a person their to be victimised. It’s hard but ask questions before hand. See how they respond to your words. Meet a few times before and become acquainted with them. If possible, go to some photo shoots to get a better understanding of who and what you are dealing with. Find reviews on past work and interaction they would’ve done.

Question Everything
Question everything. Lighting? How many people will be their? Location? What is required? Likes/dislikes? Boundaries?
Do not assume and then cry foul when something happens that you did not agree with. If possible, make a list of questions before hand to ask the photographer. Ask other models if you can, about their experiences. What they did? Who they used? Do not believe any question is a bad question. It is not. Even during the moment you may have a question that wasn’t asked before, still ask. The photographer should not become agitated with any questions posed to them.

Being naked has been publicized as a disrespectful subject. It is not. It is a form of respect to your body. Photographing it in different ways to express yourself should not be considered wrong and it is not. Respect yourself and your photography partner, and the experience would be a memorable. Enjoy the process and respect all that wpuld b involved in what would be considered the epic shot.

I am beautiful
Yes you are. Curves and folds. Do not try to become ‘one’ with yourself. Some of us can attain all that power before. Others develop this during or even after your naked photo shoot. Just remember to chant this whilst taking directions from your photographer. “I am Beautiful!”. Easy but hard. Repeat it ever so often. Smile when encouraged but always sing this so you won’t become scared and shy away into an introvert world that was already created.

Now that we have an idea what’s required, what is needed, I am sure the actual experience is what you are interested in reading.
My next blog post will deal with that part. Until then…….keep loving yourself.DSC03039.jpg