Thick girl truths

After having read the title I know what you’re thinking; This subject should probably be placed or published later in the year, not at this time when the majority of women are working out for the carnival season. Not at this time when people are looking to get slimmer for the seasonal activities. Honestly guys, being a thick girl is extremely hard. Walking around with lumps and touching thighs will never be a choice or something for others to aspire to.

Who gets up and says, “My goal today is to add a few pounds and be lumpy”? No one looks forward to facing the scale and seeing, ‘YOU… ARE… OVERWEIGHT!’, and go “Yes!!” Society does not help in any way. Magazine covers still exhibit the sexy slim woman or the buff guy with a 6 pack.

I was a part of a group/page/following/life-style that celebrated the woman with curves. They focused on sharing uplifting sentiments to real women, those who are actually working behind a desk, or on the roads, who are not all slim and without cellulite. They were not without flabby under-skin, or thighs that proffer a “peep-through hole” even when closed.

There was this one time that I felt very uncomfortable and I smiled and joked about it, but I sat in silence for the rest of the trip home. My uncle, who works in the cosmetic industry in the USA, was explaining to myself, brother and a young lady, the most sought out surgery he has experienced. He asked the younger and very slimmer lady who accompanied us on our outing, to stand with her feet together. He then continued that the little hole in the centre is what many women would love to get done via surgery. It did not affect my emotions until he asked me to stand and my brother said, “You will never get that hole” and proceeded to laugh.

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No more of you, just me.

As Sidney stretched to answer her cellphone that was resting on the night-stand, she took a quick peek at the legs that was nestled next to hers on the bed. With a smile she fondly remembers forty-five minutes before when they were intimate. Ah yes, his skin still glisteed with his perspiration. His shallow breathing confirmed that he was still asleep, but his hand draped across her gave reassurance that he liked the warmth of her body on his.

With a sigh, she dreaded his waking up. This is the part she disliked. His work where he left the island for days. The fact that David is a Computer Engineer and his job takes him all over the world did not help the sinking feeling she got when he boarded a plane. Sometimes it’s for a day or two. Other times he goes for a week maybe even more. The last time he was away for a month and she was sick with grief. Wondering what he was up to and where he was sleeping. These fears will leave as soon as she heard his voice on the other end of the phone, only to re-enter with the sound of the click signaling the end of their conversation. Throughout their relationship it was always filled with love and respect for each other’s privacy. David still kept his apartment close to the town but she preferred the country life.

While he was away she will be pining, awaiting his arrival. She fondly remembered her first glance at him. While he was jogging in his gray suit and she was just strolling with blanka her dog. A split second blanka got away and started to run after him, nipping at the heel of his sneakers. She sped after her dog and as she got closer, he tripped and stumbled into her arms. He was a bit flustered but with a reassuring smile, he accepted her apology and decided to join her for coffee. Since then things have been great. After five years she still dreaded his leaving her. Even though Sidney is his senior she likes his take charge attitude and the fact that whenever he was in town he warmed her bed. No talk of marriage had ever entered their mind except a couple years ago when there was trouble in paradise. Oh well, and with a sigh she answered her phone………….


“Let’s do lunch”, he says. “We’ll chat and get to know each other”. So how did I end up on a hard, red, commercial carpet, on my knees, a fistful of my hair in his hand, and cum on my face?

 Lunch was fantastic. A continuance of the late night messages. Knowingly sharing secret smiles/jokes. When he said “wider” with the smile, I knew things had changed. My need to obey took control and I opened to him. 

My breath caught in my throat, my heart stopped beating, the noise around us subsided. We entered out bubble with ease.

The bubble was created just for us. I knew when it existed and when it stopped. I knew when we entered the confined space what was expected. 

I knew that the space was devoid of other human life. Entering meant alone-time. Walking into the bubble suggested that time stood still, froze for us to enjoy each stolen second. 

His hand touched my knee and the air became humid.

We all yearn to create a time capsule where we can place moments to relive. A time that seemed precious. This was my time-capsule moment………… be continued

Black Rain

​Black rain
There is something different about the bath tonight  

Leaving a burst of gloom and coldness  

Enveloping my thoughts  

Breaking into the silence  

Slapping at the skin  

Eating away at the wall  

Shattering the ambience  

Leaving behind a flood of emotions   

Do not bother to find a silhouette  

The mere whisper of what was  

The presence of what used to be 

 Just as it was known  

Just as easily it has become unknown 

 Another object not to be desired  

Never hated always wanted  

 Thank you oh sweet wonder  

So porous and deflecting 

 Harmful to possessions, useful to us  

Dark and hard you crashed 

 Freeing us of debris and strife. 
 Thank you Black Rain.