Black Rain

​Black rain
There is something different about the bath tonight  

Leaving a burst of gloom and coldness  

Enveloping my thoughts  

Breaking into the silence  

Slapping at the skin  

Eating away at the wall  

Shattering the ambience  

Leaving behind a flood of emotions   

Do not bother to find a silhouette  

The mere whisper of what was  

The presence of what used to be 

 Just as it was known  

Just as easily it has become unknown 

 Another object not to be desired  

Never hated always wanted  

 Thank you oh sweet wonder  

So porous and deflecting 

 Harmful to possessions, useful to us  

Dark and hard you crashed 

 Freeing us of debris and strife. 
 Thank you Black Rain.

My Introduction

Hi. You don’t know me but I’m an aspiring writer. I wasn’t sure how to start my blog hence I published a short story as my first post. However I think I should warn readers that I may vary in my writing, it won’t always be perfect, and I just love creating life through words. 

Do I live on my pages? Yes, yes I do. Do I love like the characters? Yes, yes I do. Do I practice what you read? For the most part I ……………..

Find out soon 🙂