*Crop that photo”

I started speaking about my battle with words and body acceptance late last year. About being bullied to silence myself and show my thickness to the masses. Why? Because ‘You’ do not understand. 

I can apologise for words spoken that was not in alignment, or maybe doing something I should not have, but to apologise for my ‘flat’ tummy (the L is silent), I won’t. I won’t be silent anymore. I shall speak up for those who are a size 10 and over. 

We continue to pressure others into living a truth that isn’t theirs. Your idea of a sexy body isn’t mine. Your toned, defined, ripped abs aren’t what I sport daily. Why impart that reality to my own? Why insist that I should look the same as you or the women in magazines?

I used to live with being subjected to hurtful words for years, being told that the extra fluff is only enough to be bedded. “With that size no man will want you.” I say, “No More! !” Just to clarify, I want ‘myself’, big hips and thunder thighs. 

Keep your biased opinion, your brainwashed thoughts and enjoy it’s comfort. I will sport my flabby, fleshy, fatty tummy-with-no-tuck the way I want.

I am not a size zero, nor a size 5. I’m a woman who loves every extra crease, fold and crumpled up stomach because it’s mine. Mine to love. Mine to admire. Mine to adore. If it’s not your cup of koolaid, then go drink your Coke to the back. I’m enjoying the view from my mirror and it says ‘Fabulous’.

I’m sorry (not sorry) if my #BodyUp seem to be dimming your perception of beauty. I’m here to change those thoughts, because huntay ‘I am beautiful. Period.’
📸 Cred @faculty.films (instagram)

You, Me, and Social Media 

Putting pics on social media can be intimidating. It can be scary for some of us. 

We would find the pic nice and worth sharing but the vicious comments received previously, or even the none likes can stop one from sharing with friends and in extension the world.
Stop it. Share yourself with others. Share! Do not let people/others dictate what you do. You are your own person.
Its hard for thick women to post without thinking about others but don’t. When posting your do it for yourself. Do it because you want to. Do it to bring accomplishment for yourself and not for likes. Do it because you like the pic and believe others would benefit from your pic.